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MISSION STATEMENT : To spread the message of Jesus Christ across the world and bringing hope, deliverance, healing and love to a dying world.


Rayon felt the call of the Lord on His life at the tender age of nine years old, and had the gift and endearing passion to write songs from the age of twelve. He became known in Jamaica and overseas through the Jamaica Gospel festival competition song “Keep Your Feet on the Ground” (1992). He has produced two albums “Keep Your Feet on the Ground” (1999) and “The Journey” (2005) with original songs, and has shared the stage with various recording artistes. Rayon firmly believes that God’s Word and encounters in the presence of the Lord, are the ultimate epitome for God-given inspiration and unique melodies. “Every time I enter the presence of the LORD, He gives me a new song.”
The Lord has had Rayon on a journey that has led to this pivotal moment in time. After yielding to the strong call of the Lord to write a book about the type of worship that He desires, Rayon published his first book #ACall2Worship (finalized in the Fiji Islands and launched in the U.S. in late 2019). #ACall2Worship is an inspired book that chronicles Rayon’s journey, life struggles, dreams and visions. This book is a clarion call back to the reason why we were created and represents a practical discovery and demonstration of the type of worship that God desires. The newly released song “CITY of GOD” (June 2021) was birthed out of a personal worship experience and inspired by Psalms 46. He collaborated with his wife Carlene who is a powerful intercessor. She prayed passionately, on the single, against the spirit of fear that enslaves the minds of people and released God’s power, love, and sound mind. In late 2019, Rayon also released two singles entitled “It’s You I Worship” from the Book and “My Heart Belongs to You” which are also powerful worship songs that will lead anyone who listens into the presence of God. Rayon Baugh’s songs, Book, and ministry moments are avenues to draw people closer to the presence of the Lord and to live a lifestyle of worship.
His book and songs are available on various online platforms.



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