• This worship book offers you a way to stay in connection with God or Re-connect with God through a life of worship.

• Through revelation, visions, short stories and insights from the word of God, the author reveals the type of worship that God desires.

• A demonstration of how our life struggles can help us to realize our true calling

• Keys to overcome various challenges through a lifestyle of worship

• Original songs of praise and worship and songs of encouragement like the psalms of David will uplift you from your situation and usher you into the presence of God.


About the Book

Do you know God’s purpose for your life?
Are you longing for a deeper relationship with the LORD?
What are God’s terms of engagement?
Are you feeling disconnected from God?
How can you reconnect with God?
Do you desire a life of worship?

#Acall2Worship answers these questions and more. Worship is not just a one-time event, but it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of worship has a direct effect on how we respond to various situations and challenges we face every day.

#Acall2Worship is an inspired book that chronicles one man’s journey, life struggles, dreams and visions. The author shares how his life struggles help him realize his true calling. He shares his journey so that readers can see how everything happens on God’s time even when we desire for things to happen differently and according to our own way. The author shares with readers intimate God-inspired songs of praise and worship, and songs of encouragement. He also shares revelation, visions, short stories and insights from the word of God about the type of worship that God desires from His people.

#Acall2Worship is a clarion call back to the reason why we were created and represents a practical discovery and demonstration of the type of worship that God desires. Join the author on this journey and be blessed.